One of the largest walnuts blanks inventory​

MdS selects and purchases blanks for the whole Beretta Group. Our inventory of 450.000 walnuts blanks guarantees the customer to have always the best material available with the suitable quality for every product target the customer may have.

A highly intregrated and automated production process


Both handmade and industrial competences find in MDS plant the best environment to merge each other. Up to 5 modern industrial robots and 18 CNC machines carry out all the operations on wood stocks which are manually finished by our wood-experts.

Best product customization facility

The skillful hands of MDS people shape the wood according to ancient traditions enhancing the natural beauty of the walnut wood

A unique product

The know-how of our people is the ability to bring to light the fascinating characteristic of each piece of wood generated by the nature in hundreds of years, emphasizing its unique charm.

Meccanica del Sarca S.p.A.  

Viale Daino 49/53 - Dro, Trento (Italy) - Phone 0039 0464 547700 - E.mail: 

Meccanica del Sarca S.p.A. is subject to the direction and coordination activities of Beretta Industrie S.p.A.